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  • Because my mother worked from home as a seamstress, clients dropped off drawings from the designers along with the fabric in bags at our home. As soon as they’d leave, I’d scurry downstairs and paw through the bags. I’d pull out each drawing and hold it in my hand, studying the lines, the colors, the way they created shadows. I only had to remember to put them back in the right place (my mother usually had to remind me of that). My designing started here - I was about 13. The aesthetic to my brand is multi-layered. On the surface, I design minimalistic and simple work that is sexy (but not vulgar), made to last, and designed to withstand the trends that hit us each season (with no compassion). Beyond this, however, there is also an aesthetic in the integrity of the brand. I work with my mom to design and create my work. I know the names of my sample makers in Brazil. I’ve met their children. I value everyone that contributes a piece of the puzzle. I’m very inspired by nature, such as a texture found in a leaf, its color, or its shape. I’m even inspired by the way tree roots are interlaced. I think of the shapes, colors, and aromas of plants in Brazil. In terms of people, I greatly admire the work of Elizabeth Hawes. Even in the 1930s, she was trying to find ways to produce comfortable, innovative clothes for the mass market. Hawes advocated for a revolution in mens fashion - bright colors and even skirts! She was way ahead of her time. I remember working with a client of mine who had a severe back problem to create an evening gown for a wedding that she’d be comfortable in. I learned to empathize with my client, and I carry this empathy into my work. I start with this, and then produce practical, ethically produced garments that are healthy for the body. Doing so creates work that is always in fashion. My formal wear, for example, is made from the same material I use to create my yoga wear. There isn’t even a zipper.

  • Often referred to as unorthodox, forward, and experimental, the Agnes Hamerlik brand expresses creativity and poetry through an unfiltered rawness executed through mediums such as reinvention, deconstruction, and metamorphosis. Opposed to accepted fashion and beauty standards, Agnes Hamerlik collections revolve around the Japanese aesthetic of “wabi-sabi”, which focuses on beauty that is imperfect or incomplete. Ambiguity, decay, irregularity, asymmetry, purity; the garments crafted show the use of indulgent textile manipulation, the juxtaposition of oversized and modified shapes, and the portrayal of an aesthetic dedicated to finding opulence in the unconventional. The Agnes Hamerlik brand advocates an individualistic style for all its customers, inspiring a noncommercial flow of the connection between the body, material, and our identity.

  • Collective 26 was founded by The Fashion Institute of Technology graduate, Felicia Barth-Aasen, who holds a B.F.A. in fashion design. Felicia grew up living a very nomadic and adventure filled life which constantly inspires her. During her senior year of college she was extremely fortunate to be mentored by Mr. Calvin Klein through F.I.T. She then interned for Nicholas K and Stylesight before launching Collective 26 in 2012. After seeing the market place saturated with unethical business practices she wanted to start an honest and transparent company. Collective 26 is a contemporary women's fashion line that is exclusively made in the U.S.A. It embodies a modern aesthetic mixed with bohemian and grunge elements. The brand believes in producing ethically made garments by collaborating with skilled American artisans. It provides clothing for every part of life from versatile separates, hand crafted knits, outerwear and swimwear.

  • Motivation: On a macro level, I am motivated by the anthropological and communicative qualities of fashion; how it is a bell ringer for what is happening in society. Then through the micro lens, I love the artisanship and exploration of materials; how couture is a playground for the focused fanatics and an experimental lab for the science of fashion. Furthermore, on the individual level, I am propelled by the maxim that design has the ability to turn something you use into something you love. Aesthetic: My aesthetic is a conversation among 1. the exhilarating notes of chaos of in Japanese fashion, 2. the violence and harmony of nature captured so well by European designers, and 3. the individuality and soul of marginalized communities. Background: I am a middle child of five from South Dakota. I have lived in Los Angeles for six years. I have studied fine art, film, costume design and fashion design. What I am all about: I adore technological/rapid-prototyping.

  • Zarankova line was founded by the Bulgaria native Vessela Zarankova. High quality materials and unique glamorous styling are essential for this brand, because the designer seeks elegant exclusive look, but comfortable at the same time. Designed and created in USA, the line captures the natural combination of the greatest cities of the world. The line offers a range of clothing and jewelry, pieces that are glamorous, but affordable for the client at the same time. The pure modern luxury lets the materials’ similarities and differences play off of one another, ensuring that the uniqueness will be appreciated.

  • "There are no rules when it comes to one’s fashion and self-expression." WishNow is a unique design brand that focuses on individuality, creative construction and visually stunning materials. Diverse fabrics are chosen and intricate techniques are implemented during the designer's process to bring you the highest quality product that you will love to add to your personal collection. WishNow has shown their pieces in prestigious Fashion Weeks across the country and been spotted on several red carpets. Their fans love the fun and flirty designs that are perfect for weddings, proms and all special events!

  • Paulo Succar is menswear for the contemporary, cultured man who's not afraid to stand out and display his elegant taste and genuine style.

  • We are a young contemporary clothing brand and we create experimental and minimalistic clothes. Ready-to-wear garments inspired by urban avant-garde. The collections consists of classic men’s wear items which have been modified into modern, contemporary style. The concept is to experiment with men’s fashion and to create progressive clothing for men. We strive to challenge traditional cuts and fabric choice and to broaden the classic men´s wear wardrobe. The basis of the brand is to offer contemporary design with high integrity combined with clean lines and simplicity. New collections are released as Episodes.

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  • Ange Lang is an emerging luxury, 'minimal-luxe' evening wear label that offers beautiful pieces for the sophisticated, fashion-forward woman. Each piece offers understated sophistication and elegance, displaying a specifically alluring restraint that is simultaneously strong and sensual. The juxtaposition of male and female elements is central to Ange Lang’s overall reductive aesthetics. Each gown pays homage to classic design, ensuring it holds fashion equity in a rapidly changing consumer market. The Ange Lang woman is confident, with a strong sense of style and purpose, unafraid to push fashion boundaries. She is not defined by age; instead by taste and innate style.

  • Chic. Comfortable. Casual. Effortless. Contemporary. Sophisticated. Sustainable. Indigo Sage reflects the laid-back, luxurious lifestyle of the tropics. Designed in Hawaii with sustainability and social responsibility in mind.

  • Signature elements to natalie rae label is a clean classic modern american style with close attention to semi tailored detailing and high craft embroidery or embellishment. Every collection is made from 80 to 100% sustainable materials and are manufactured with fair work environment facilities.

  • Plante is designed by nature enthusiasts and sisters Rebecca and Leah Plante. Based in New York City and rooted in Charleston, South Carolina, we aim to bring the beauty of flora and fauna into clothing through soft shapes and colors, gentle silhouettes, and natural fabrics.

  • Tatyana was born in the beautiful Kiev, Ukraine, which formed her love of powerful and elegant designs. Currently, Tatyana lives in New York City spending her days designing beautiful clothes and engaging the city for all it's splendid inspiration. Each garment is beautifully crafted in New York City and range from flowing silk dresses and blouses to crisply tailored jackets and coats. The clothing is made with meticulous attention to detail and construction.

  • L.O.R is a ready to wear female brand founded by designer Dorothy Mensah. L.O.R, which means gold in french, represents captivating and bold designs. For the woman seeking fashion-forward pieces, L.O.R provides simple, yet innovative designs that allows one's personality to show. Simplicity mixed with an edge is the prevalent theme for L.O.R.

  • 1991 is an urban men's clothing line. The brand takes inspiration from the 1980's and 1990's and combines it with fashion forward concepts, pushing the envelope a bit. The garments are street wear that sometimes crosses the line into business wear.

  • Ayanna Marie Design, LLC is a company that creates clothing for the woman who values a classic look but also likes to keep up with current contemporary trends. Our customer likes to fill her closet with pieces that last for more than just a season and can be integrated into her wardrobe as an accent piece as well as a staple. Ayanna Marie Martin was born and raised in New Jersey. Growing up, art and design was always a big part of her life. She found herself drawn to the creative process and took as many art classes as she could throughout grade school. After learning how to sew, she quickly decided to make it her goal to have a career in Fashion Design. Ayanna went on to get her Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design at Drexel University and moved on to work in the fashion district of New York. After working in the industry for a few years, Ayanna decided to start building her own brand and design contemporary women's ready to wear. In 2013, Ayanna Marie Design, LLC was established.

  • ALICIA REINA is a contemporary ready-to-wear line designed and ethically produced in Brooklyn, New York for women seeking unique and enchanting pieces. Drawing influences from athletic wear and couture, the collections express a fusion of refined feminism mixed with a masculine allure. Elements comprised of color, texture, and volume balanced with a modern cut and fit intrinsic to traditional tailoring enhance a sense of romanticism and elegance when worn. Each collection is developed with an emphasis on original prints and embroideries accentuating the silhouette and mood of the sophisticated and forever whimsical woman. Alicia Reina graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Apparel Design. Upon graduation she obtained her Masters in Footwear Design from Polimoda in Florence, Italy. Soon after she moved to New York City where she worked for various designers before launching ALICIA REINA. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Boston area, her multi-cultural background and New York lifestyle have influenced the soft, feminine, and timeless individuality of her designs.

  • I am an upscale casual menswear designer based in New York City. My style can be described as a mix between Giorgio Armani and Phillip Lim - upscale, dressy, casual, and a touch of edge. I design modern reinterpretations of classic menswear in most of my clothes. My garments are made with high quality fabrics such as lambskin, japanese denim, and cashmere. I also like using new technical developments in fabrics such as neoprene.

  • The Terry Jolo Brand is dedicated to bringing high quality and beautifully fit garments to the world. Our aspiration is to encourage people to stand out from the rest of the world, and inspire others to embrace their individuality!

  • SPACO LÍQUIDO by young Brazilian designer Artur Vilela creates basic pieces with strong prints thought to bring power and energy to your everyday. Inspired by numerology, witchcraft, and 90’s sensibilities, his designs invite wearers to believe in the power of symbols. Inspired by the chaos and intensity lived in youth, he develops custom prints from photography he takes himself charged with deeper meanings. His collection mixes powerful prints and basic pieces to scream self-expression for anyone who wants to be found in this world. Vilela believes we should "let the body dress as the body needs to dress and give ourselves the freedom to be what we want to be... Design is to think, to renew, to create and we invite you for a trip throughout style beyond the new space, let's live with fluidity and dynamism and be."

  • Andrée Ciccarelli is a brand dedicated to creating intimate apparel with the highest sense of craftsmanship, elegance and luxury. We have strived to create pieces that follow traditional couture techniques with a contemporary twist. Each piece is made with the highest end materials, whether that be Italian silks, French laces or Austrian crystals. These materials are then mixed with more durable fabrics and trimmings, like stretch sheers and satin elastics. This allows the pieces to be more wearable, durable and comfortable.

  • KateSMensah is a ready-to-wear clothing and accessories brand for women owned by French-born, Kathy Sabin-Mensah. KateSMensah is not merely a brand in the market, it is much more than that. It is a story of passion, artistic poise and make-believe. Though based in Seattle, she has been represented at fashion events, media and fashion trade shows across the world with an eye to international distribution. Our designs have high influences and have showcased grace like never before with their diverse and unique overtones. KateSMensah inspiration comes from nature, the female form, and Kate's multi-cultural background and experiences.

  • Self-named and self-run label e l i z a was launched in the Spring of 2013, and since then has formed a cult following for her minimalists tones and uncomplicated yet strong forms.

  • You are never too old to play dress up! Rochelle Carino creates playful, girly, chic designs in bright colors, bold prints and different textures.

  • My name is Sara and I am the owner and designer of FANCYFOX, a clothing line with a focus on fun pop prints, flattering silhouettes, and spot-on detailing. I have always been in love with fashion and beautiful things. I like to create stories and feelings through clothes and believe that a person can be comfortable without sacrificing their own personal style. That is why I make clothes that are easy to wear, but also special, beautiful and playful. FANCYFOX is committed to operating with respect for all creatures. We practice responsibility and sustainability by prioritizing ethically produced fabrics, manufacturing in the USA, and paying a living wage to the wonderful people who make each FANCYFOX dress. As a growing, family-owned business, we are making each step of our story and each link in our supply chain reflect our values.

  • Creative design for a conscious lifestyle. Schuylark (/ˈskyˌlärk/) focuses on style and sustainability, offering a new alternative to mass produced clothing with a stylish collection and pieces that transform the wearer. Inspired by nature and with an artists attention to detail, the designs are easy to wear, elegant and reflect a modern, independent woman's individual style. Created from a love of design, a respect for the environment, and embracing the concept of “slow fashion” using new technology, Schuylark compliments a sophisticated lifestyle, in an ethically sensible manner. We chose the name “Metamorphosis” for the debut collection as it embodies a new way of thinking of how we design. Schuylark strives to be a part of the shifting paradigm of fashion production in the US by incorporating the practices of sustainability and accountability in all aspects of it’s development. By using all natural or organic fabrics, made in the USA we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint by offering small production and low waste. Pieces will be seasonless and valued for their quality, fit and timelessness. Clothing is a necessity, but it shouldn’t come at a cost to the environment or at the expense of others well being. Our product strives to be true to the belief that we can change our clothes and change the world.

  • Showcasing the season's most beautiful dresses. Inspired by the grandeur of nature who’s beauty is a feast to the eyes of the beholder. A woman for me has to be somebody special. She is confident of herself and proud to be who she is. She is a standout because she has such happiness that exudes in her personality. I want my woman to look fabulous and gorgeous. Joyce describes her collections as sexy and daring but sophisticated that will makes her clients happy, proud and confident. In 2010, she presented her jewelry collection in collaboration with Fashion Designer John Guarnes in Philippine Fashion Week 2010. In 2011, she presented her Holiday collection at the Philippine Fashion Week and in October that year she presented her summer collections.

  • The living representation of the relationship between nature and civility; the bridge between what is and what is indoctrinated. Raimana Cowan's designs explore the very essence of humanity - the collision between raw sexuality and propriety. A native of Tahiti, a once untouched island whose history is peppered with European influence, Raimana is a product of both paradise and society. These influences abound in his work and deepest sense of self. Raimana, a graduate of Parson's School of Design, launched his collection with the mission of giving women confidence, power and a sense of freedom through fashion. The designer, who has worked for fashion houses like Zac Posen, Naeem Khan, and Maripol, remains focused on highlighting native elements from Polynesia alongside Cosmopolitan influences. Raimana is constantly innovating on what it means to be feminine, what is means to seduce. "Tahitian dance is all about trying to hypnotize the viewer. That is what my clothing does for a woman."

  • G.I.A.N. is a eclectic brand with a youthful spirit and an artist soul. Thoughtfully made, just for you.

  • Modern. Island. Style. Isy B. is a luxury contemporary womenswear brand from the Cayman Islands with a unique blend of feminine elegance, and Caribbean-inspired ease. Globally-influenced collections echo the laid-back luxury of vibrant, exotic places filled with beautiful people, balmy breezes and mellow vibes. Designed in the Cayman Islands, Isy B. is contemporary style translated for the wardrobe of the modern adventurer, urban jet-setter, and the global nomad. We are inspired by travel and believe in clothes that will take you anywhere, from a cocktail party on a beach front deck in the Cayman Islands, to dinner on the terrace of a Palazzo in Capri, and all the way to your best friend's wedding in Ibiza. Isy B. is polished, modern, wearable and versatile, and designed for your dream lifestyle.

  • "It takes a team." says designer Ian Hargrove. AgainstAllOdds has a group of amazingly unique and creative people behind it. Ian, the founder and Creative Director, is a Chicago native who has done pretty much everything in the apparel industry. He is easily inspired and works closely with his Director of Collections, Erin DuFour, to turn out beautiful and wearable ready to wear pieces each season. Erin is organized and detail oriented and according to Ian, "...keeps AAO a brand." Along with a handful of eager and passionate interns AgainstAllOdds works hard and has fun to bring you young, interesting, classic pieces that fit easily into any closet and quickly become day-to-day go to's. We are AgainstAllOdds, a socially conscientiousness, contemporary women's wear brand based in Chicago, designed and produced domestically, and worn world wide. We work to make women look and feel amazing while doing a little good along the way. We partner with non for profits to raise awareness and funds for relevant causes in Chicago and across the world.

  • Aesthetically nothing is more pleasing than being effortlessly chic; my concepts are minimalist and modern with an ode to couture style techniques and silhouettes. Classic, crisp, and clean, I design to make women feel beautiful with little to no effort but to get dressed and let the garments speak for her. I take much inspiration from portraiture throughout the ages, nothing is more timeless than a pristine masterpiece that captures style in cycles.

  • Bold color combined with contrasting textures, elements and hand craftsmanship define Label Sandhya Garg. She polished her skills at International design studios training at Alexander McQueen, Alice Temperley and Izmaylova, learning everything from different pattern cutting techniques to hand embroidery craft and vintage knitting-lace making at the Gucci factory in Italy. She decided to launch her own label after graduating from the London College of Fashion in 2011. Sandhya Garg was recently seen at Project Runway Season 13, She won 2 Challenges, Was in Top a lot and her work was loved by Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen. Specializing in womenswear, for her fashion is all about glamour and personal style. Awards and Competitions- Finished 8th on Project Runway, Season 13. Won 2 challenges. Award For Best Garment Construction (USHA Nift award) - 2007 Award For Fashion Quiz ( Wills Lifestyle India Fashion week)- 2006 Finalist For Nina De York illustration Competition LCF- 2011 Finalist For B Focus Talent search a Brown's London Print Competition-2012 Finalist For- Textile Institute, Design Means Business Exhibition, London 2011

  • A modern twist on a classic style, Anchorage, Alaska-based MAJ Designs creates elegant evening gowns and cocktail dresses for the modern woman. Designer Jamie Johnson has been designing since she was a little girl and started the brand MAJ in 2007 initially doing custom designs for the Anchorage market. With the picturesque backdrop of Alaskan mountains, she is inspired by gown adorned stars such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Coco Channel, and many others, making her editorials some of the most-captivating yet. She has previously shown her collections at Boston Fashion Week.

  • The Bella Rose design aesthetic is simple, eclectic, and Urban. Inspired from an array of global cultures, we cultivate our designs from all different types of experiences. Wearing Bella Rose provides consumers the option of versatility and Style. We stand behind our main purpose to provide impactful and quality clothing merchandise which can be worn on multiple occasions.

  • “Elegant and Casual clothing for men and woman”. Geared towards Resort Elegance with hispanic, gypsy influences, And usually a touch of Modern Victorian era style.

  • Designed by Nikki Wirthensohn, NARCES is a Toronto-based womenswear line that specializes in after-five, evening and wedding wear. Wirthensohn is a Canadian of Persian heritage who was born in Austria, and grew up in Iran and the U.K. Wirthensohn holds a Masters Degree in Business from Canada/The Netherlands. Her design education comes from growing up in the industry and learning from her mother, an accomplished tailor who worked for Victor Edelstein (who designed for the British Royal Family). With NARCES, Wirthensohn combines her successful business career with a talent and love for fashion design.

  • Rosica Mrsik studied fashion design at the School of the Visual Arts and Design, Utrecht, The Netherlands and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA. The style of her designs can be described as contemporary, graphic and clean, but in the same time it also contains feminine and bold attributes. All her women's collections have a visible touch of architectural appeal and are mainly uninfluenced by the actual tendencies, which make the brand easily recognizable among the customers in the region. In one sentence, we might say that Rosica creates wearable fashion garments for women for whom the style matters more than the season.

  • At Kréyol, we celebrate individuality through bold and enticing visual aesthetic. Our garments represent the vibrance and color of our Haitian heritage, while incorporating design elements from all cultures. This season we are featuring fabrics utilizing the Ikat dyeing techniques, an ancient art form popularly utilized in India, Japan, Indonesia, Guatemala, Yemen and many other cultures. Our garments have vintage flair, old world detailing, with modern sensibility. We create pieces of ART in an effort to allow women to feel like masterpieces. In addition, Kreyol aims to impact the world one garment at a time, making it about more than just fashion but rather - Kreyol is a movement. We aim to enlighten, educate, and empower by utilizing fashion to increase awareness of social causes affecting people domestically and abroad. We have partnered with Safer is Sexy to raise awareness on the AIDS epidemic in urban communities, as well as worked with reputable organizations such Ananda Marga and Boston Mothers Care to improve education and health awareness in Haiti. We believe in social responsibility. We welcome you to join our movement!

  • As the founder and lead designer of Trefle Inc, I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Tortola, British Virgin Islands. I've always loved sewing and had a passion for fashion at a very early age. I lived a walk away from the beach and became fascinated with my surroundings, culture and styles that are modern, functional but overall architecturally structured and I infused that in my designs as a swim/resort-wear designer. To know that this dream is now a reality is something that I can carry throughout each collection. My inspiration is my home; My home is my Caribbean.

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  • Vegas Couture is a Las Vegas based women’s wear brand, creating classic and sophisticated designs that blend styles from the past with a modern flair. Collections are inspired by the Glamour of Hollywood, with timeless but modern fashion that exudes effortless elegance. Las Vegas fashion designer, Wanda Potter-Merritt is a native Nevadan. Since a young girl, Wanda had aspirations of becoming a fashion designer but Las Vegas was not a city with very many opportunities in the fashion industry. Instead, Wanda earned a Degree in Business and went on to own and operate a Tailoring and Custom Design Boutique, where she designed and created custom evening gowns. In 2009, Wanda threw caution to the wind, when she created and launched her first (Mid-Night Glow) collection to a standing room only crowd. In 2011 Wanda founded Vegas Couture, ​LLC, a women’s wear brand. Vegas Couture is defined by its fusion of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Wanda is currently a member of the Las Vegas Fashion Design Council, whose goal is to bring a fashion industry to the State of Nevada.

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  • Atelier AMAN is a Romanian “demi-couture” and "luxury" and fashion brand born in the deep belief that ultimately a beautiful garment is more than a decoration; it is a soft shape that should be masterfully molded to enrich and empower its wearer. That is why our creative concept follows three simple beliefs: CLASSIC YET MODERN Atelier AMAN believes that classicism is not the opposite of modernism. We know that the future cannot be written erasing the past! We want to preserve handcrafts like embroidery, hand-sewing, lace-making and beading while embracing the latest developments in laser-cutting, 3d printing and graphic design. TRENDY BUT DIFFERENT Atelier AMAN loves trends and the vibes of the present moment but in the same time we feel trends do not mean blind conformism and fashion ultimately stands for individuality and diversity. We celebrate statements and uniqueness and we encourage our clients to choose according to their shapes and personality traits. SENSUAL STILL ELEGANT Atelier AMAN is a brand set on reviving flattering silhouettes, celebrating femininity and putting aesthetics back in the use of Fashion. Who ever said that being elegant means you can’t also be sensual?

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  • Manfredonia…European vision with American sensibility. Early on, Anthony Manfredonia’s artistic talents surfaced, but not until he attended a summer high school fashion design program at Parsons School of Design did he discover his true vocation. He pursued his undergraduate studies at Parsons and was awarded the prestigious Golden Thimble Award in the college’s Designer Critic Program for his senior runway show. While still in school, Anthony embarked on his career, beginning as Assistant to the Design Director of Donna Karan Collection Women’s. He further honed his skills under notable fashion designer Tracy Reese. Anthony continued his expertise in the luxury market when he accepted the position of Head Designer for Isaac Mizrahi’s Haute Couture Collection. In addition, he has also been called upon as a guest critic at Parsons to guide the next generation of designers. Moving forward with his own luxury brand in New York City, Anthony has fine-tuned the art of adapting old-world techniques of garment construction and hand finishing, into modern silhouettes. Anthony incorporates his Italian heritage with his American training to form a marriage of European artistry and American sensibility.

  • NMBR 09 is inspired by the symbolism of duality between the conscious and subconscious mind. The black the white, the positive the negative. All humans have the conscious and subconscious minds, but most importantly our will to choose. Our power. NMBR 09 explores and arouses the human experience through design. Maximizing contrast in the apex of all geometric shapes and lines of architectural forms to every curve of the human body, 9 explores the depth of such tension. The 9 design is rooted in two inverse concepts, that of curved and straight lines representing duality and 'simplexity.' The lush materials and geometric shapes are anchored in a design technique that maximizes the beauty of the human form, stimulating the senses of the wearer and those around them and touching the desire of the human subconscious. Our contrasting design elements are the metamorphosis representing different interpretations of the individual human experience and their agility in art of dressing. This is for the simplex being.

  • Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Ricci JvR can be described as structured romanticism, finding inspiration and beauty in unexpected concepts - aiming to empower through clothing.

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  • Prajje Jr. Jean Baptiste, one of Bostons most promising designers, was born in Haiti and came to the US in his teens. He studied Art and Design at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, graduating with a degree in Fashion Design. ​ In 2003, Prajje opened his own fashion company, Prajje 1983, and was immediately recognized for his luxurious and exotic styles. Prajje is a leading exemplar of ethnic-inspired fashion. He is best known, however, for his glamorous evening dresses, at once romantic, dramatic, and feminine. Prajje is a brilliant colorist. Nothing in his opinion, contributes more to a womans beauty than clear, brilliant color. But it is Prajjes understanding of the female form, his exquisite cut, and his subtle use of texture and body-worshipping fabrics that magnify the beauty of women wearing his designs, and make them the cynosure of all eyes. His clientele includes Lara Spencer, GMA; Sara Underwood, Fox 25 anchor; model Maya Gaile Haile, spouse of celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson; Sunny Hustin, CNN anchor; Alek Wek; Manouschka Guerrier, private chef of Beverly Hills; Saran Kaban Jones, Founder of FACE Africa; and last but not least, singer and record publisher Wyclef Jean.

  • Anjé is a NYC-based lifestyle brand for the modern, intelligent and fashion conscious woman. Designer Angela Brasington designs classic styles using luxury fabrics for an elevated level of quality. A seasonless core collection is the foundation of the Anjé brand, consisting of wardrobe essentials in a monochromatic palette. Each season, Anjé incorporates new items to enhance their core and keep you and your wardrobe up to date.

  • Coco Chanel once said, “I don’t do fashion, I AM Fashion.” Well, the same can be said for Paulie Gibson. With a background in fashion dating all the way back to his Nanny, Vera, (a designer in her own right) Paulie has spent his life cultivating an aesthetic that's all his own. Paulie Gibson is for the creative, active, and fun-loving customer who doesn't take himself too seriously. Fashion is freedom and fashion is fun. Are you a Paulie Boy?

  • CEDRESS is a ready-to-wear label, founded 2011 by Gabriel Cetrez in Germany. CEDRESS is devoted to stylish high-fashion, both affordable to customers and wearable for any occasion. The brand strives to swim against the stream and follow a unique trend, defined by the customer’s interests and needs.

  • BATCH NO. 8 is a curated assortment of contemporary dresses with a polished aesthetic, luxe materials, and feminine, tailored fit. The collection is inspired by a love of couture, but interpreted in an appealing and flattering way for the modern fashion customer. Each piece is produced in limited quantities and designed, developed, and hand-crafted in the USA.

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  • Kheops is a fashion brand originally founded in the Republic of Moldova by Victoria Cocieru. We specialize in apparel with a focus on unique elements such as metal, leather, and crocheted designs to name a few. Our garments are imbued with the contrast between the femme fatale and the uninhibited, free, bohemian woman. We encourage the combination of glamour and grunge. Among our fashion line’s recognizable characteristics are unicolor materials, geometric silhouettes, decorative stitching, rigid fabrics which create and hold their own shape. We embrace cuts that reveal non-traditional parts of the human body, as we believe beauty is found in less socially expected ways.

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  • Achalla est Couture is a luxury fashion house that is structured around the idea of utopia and empowering women by sight and emotion.

  • Contemporary, Chic, Sporty

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  • PINI, born in 2013, is the namesake womenswear label lead by designer Nicholas Pini. The inspiration at the heart of PINI is to create & celebrate the new California girl. Driving with the top down, palm trees in the sun, feeling like you’re famous and living while we’re young. That is the PINI world. The clothing incorporates intricate and richly hand-sewn embellishments that become a signature of the line, as do ‘cheeky’ and ultra feminine silhouettes. The brand embodies characteristics of both East and West Coast styles with its laid back & youthful spirit.

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  • Kira Pizzingrilli is an Australian based women's clothing designer, set to make her mark on the industry with the launch of her self titled label. Kira strives to maintain a modern design aesthetic whilst complementing a classic feminine silhouette. Her garments accommodate for a range of women including the more adventurous fashion savvy shopper to those with a more conservative style. The brand’s style is a natural mix of feminine prints and fashion forward shapes, with a clever twist on classic tailoring. Experimenting with different textures and fabrics creates an interesting point of difference. Kira’s designs reflect a coastal lifestyle with a subtle boho feel expressed through tropical prints and a day-to-night wearability. Every print is a unique ‘Kira Pizzingrilli’ design, created by herself to add originality and complement each collection. The ‘Kira Pizzingrilli’ woman is a young vibrant personality with a penchant for beautiful, well made clothing a with a fashion forward design distinction. She is interested in fashion and trends and is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Drawing inspiration from the traveller at heart, from balmy island escapes to coastal summer nights, this range is designed to ignite the wanderlust within us all. Always for the love of arts and creativity, the Label continues to grow and gain traction as ‘Kira Pizzingrilli’ is introduced to the fashion industry, maintaining the energy & essence of a charismatic and modern design.

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  • Since 2011, Casa De Angelina has offered contemporary, elegant designs tailored to the tastes of modern women. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the fashion house focuses are smart, sophisticated daywear separates and luxurious evening wear that is suitable for red carpet events and black tie occasions.

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  • NOORISM is an upcycle brand focused on taking apart old jeans and using the pieces to create new items of clothing and accessories. NOORISM clothing and accessories are all unique and slightly different since each old pair of jeans has it's own individual story to tell. Noor Zakka founded NOORISM in 2015 after being disheartened by the volume of poorly-made, practically disposable clothes produced by the Fashion industry every year. Noor is an FIT graduate and has designed for Zac Posen, Tahari and Ellen Tracy in NYC. NOORISM is based in Brooklyn and is committed to creating high quality clothing and accessories that are produced in safe working conditions in NYC. Since the Fashion industry is the second largest consumer and polluter of water, NOORISM donates $5 to CHARITY: WATER for every item purchased.

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  • My brand is...

  • Hand crafted clothing made from the finest manufacturing.

  • Street wear inspired garments constructed with contrasting textiles and abstract prints.

  • go forth

  • urban outfits

  • Elemental pieces with pops of energy.

  • Azulant Akora is a multi-award winning Australian label that has built a reputation for finely tailored garments made from Australian Merino Wool.

  • LNH designs clothing with a purpose of sustainability by combining the idea of ready-to-wear and couture. Each presented collections can be disassembled into individual pieces for our consumer's closet. Transition is the key in the modern women's fast paced lifestyle. Every garment is carefully made to exceed industry standards in attempt to over the idea and quality of fast fashion. Every design pushes the boundaries of already established fashion principles.

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  • IdleBird is UPF50+ ladies fashion. Light-weight easy, versatile sun-protection fashion for pool, beach, cafe or where ever else your good times take you.

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  • Supra Endura is a print based women's clothing collection that use print design to raise awareness and funds for non-profits. We believe design is the best form of communication and each season draw inspiration form amazing causes. for every garment sold $ 2 is donated back to the cause.

  • The origin of the name, Dawn Sunflower, comes in part from her American name, Dawn, which means the rising of the sun and Sunflower which, translated from her Vietnamese name, means dedication, stand tall and stand proud. Dawn’s personality, emotion, drive and ambition can be seen in every detail of her design work. She is all about seeing the sunshine, in life and in her designs, even when the going is tough. Her designs align with her philosophy of “Creativity – Heart – Emotion.” Through this design philosophy, Dawn is all about showing off her creativity, giving her designs all of her heart and bring you to the point of eliciting joy and love (emotion) when you put on one of her garments. Dawn is known for her classic, feminine, elegant styles and luxurious materials and cuts. She has a vision of turning quality fabrics into fashion and in that single moment then transforming a woman’s body into a work of art. Her collections are unique and defined by elegant styling and the use of high quality fabrics. Dawn Sunflower clothing is proudly made in the U.S.A. with a belief in quality, sustainability, carefully sourced material and carefully sourced labor. The raw materials are sourced to give each garment the magic touch of softness, luxury, and sexiness. Please visit our store at: 2610 East Coast Highway Corona Del Mar, California 92625 Email: Facebook/Twitter: @dawnsunflower14 Instagram: @duong20us COMING SOON! Visit: Email: Facebook: @dawnsunflowe14 Twitter: @dawnsunflower14 Instagram: @duong20us

  • Lifestyle clothing for the elegant and empowered woman.

  • Lifestyle clothing for the elegant and empowered woman.

  • Lizna, LLC is a women’s premier contemporary apparel brand based in Dallas, Texas. We believe in quality and classic trends that are luxurious yet accessible for the trendy, sophisticated and classy woman. Each garment is designed for a day to night look and as a timeless piece that can be worn season after season, year after year.

  • SPACO LIQUIDO by young Brazilian designer Artur Vilela creates basic pieces with strong prints thought to bring power and energy to your everyday. Inspired by numerology, witchcraft, and 90’s sensibilities, his designs invite wearers to believe in the power of symbols. Inspired by the chaos and intensity lived in youth, he develops custom prints from photography he takes himself charged with deeper meanings. His collection mixes powerful prints and basic pieces to scream self-expression for anyone who wants to be found in this world. Vilela believes we should "let the body dress as the body needs to dress and give ourselves the freedom to be what we want to be... Design is to think, to renew, to create and we invite you for a trip throughout style beyond the new space, let's live with fluidity and dynamism and be."

  • Guiltie embodies the woman who is bold, fashionable and fearless.

  • hellooo

  • Women's couture and ready to wear apparel.

  • For the elegant classy woman

  • Cutting edge brand inspired by the music and art, yet still wearable. Stigma offer exclusives textures and fabrics and details made in New York making look its customer unique and chic.

  • "People will stare, make it worth their while..."

  • Women's Luxury Evening Wear, ethically made in Brooklyn New York. Made ALWAYS with LOVE and a mixture of transparent, locally sourced, and recycled materials.

  • Women's Wear brand featuring accessories

  • Finest Shirt and Luxury Accessories for Men.

  • DIRA ADAMS is an eponymous womenswear label based in Brooklyn, New York. Our timeless curated collections fuse original knitted and printed textile designs with minimal silhouettes, to create an effortless, yet distinct elegance for the modern woman. Aspects of the collection are naturally-dyed, printed, and loomed in our Brooklyn studio, largely inspired by the colors and textures in nature. All collections are ethically made using sustainable fabrics and fair labor both in New York and England.

  • Battle Designs brings a unique and nonconforming style for men and women that promotes an individual's comfort and fit, while redefining the use of conventional and unconventional fabrics into garments that set a statement

  • Bagel Swag

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  • TEsting TEch Pack Plan

  • Unique animal/bird designs printed onto silk

  • Wearable Indian folk art

  • Fashion forward but always classic

  • A luxury brand of jaw-dropping statement pieces for the chic, fierce, sexy and edgy social butterfly.

  • Null & Void is a fashion brand that specializes in women's wear without boundries. Constantly mixing aesthetics and breaking the rules, we focus on what it feels like to be a woman rather than what it looks like.

  • A clothing line for women looking for fresh, modern apparel guaranteed to get a second look. Favoring whimsical prints and unexpected textures, Pariah designs offer an uncommon flair in women’s fashion.

  • SFCouture is a creation of European designer Isabel Fajardo. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, this upscale brand creates high fashion for modern days. SFCouture stays abreast of the latest trends, filtering and transforming those to deliver sleek and wearable designs. The process includes obsessive engineering of the garments with the latest technologies available in the Silicon Valley. Each prototype is built in-house and tested for endurance and comfort. The end result is a perfectly beautifying fit.

  • Childrenwear

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