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What if there was a way to test designs and grow a brand with less cash and no inventory risk?

Now there is.

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  • Develop

    Product development done by designer independently.

  • Digitize

    Designer uses the Nineteenth Amendment platform to digitize tech packs in a line.

  • Quote

    Designer requests bids from Nineteenth Amendment Manufacturing partners via Nineteenth Amendment platform or use their own manufacturer.

  • Pre-sell

    Designer markets and pre-sells through the Nineteenth Amendment Marketplace or their own site.

  • Manufacture

    Designer picks a production partner through the Nineteenth Amendment platform to produce all items that sold during their pre-sale in 4 to 5 weeks

  • QA + Ship

    Manufacturer ships final product to Designer to Q.A. (quality control) and then ship to shoppers.

  • Data + Analysis

    The Nineteenth Amendment platform collects marketing and business data for Designer to use while designing their next collection.

Most Asked FAQs

Are there minimums?

There are no minimum orders in pre-sales. Designers are responsible for making 1 or 100. and should use a cost-plus pricing costing model. Manufacturers on the Nineteenth Amendment platform accept one-off or under 10 piece orders. Designers may sell in limited runs.

Can designers use their own manufacturer or manufacture their own pieces?

Yes. Designers can onboard their own manufacturer or use an in-house atelier. If you don’t have a manufacturer, you can choose to work with one of our pre-vetted facilities.

Can designers hold inventory?

Yes - though we do not recommend it! Designers can hold inventory during the pre-sale or after the pre-sale takes place. Please contact to our team for more info.

Do you guarantee sales?

No. Think about it. We have NO idea what you are going to make or put up for pre-sale. We DO provide you with all of your specific shopper data around views, customers, and your sales so you can see what works best for you.

Do I have to sell exclusively on NA?

Nope! We want designers to sell however they want to - whether it’s in stores, in pop ups, on their own website etc. Designers can even produce wholesale runs for orders made elsewhere through our manufacturers.

What does it cost?

Great question! We aim to make launching a brand accessible for all designers. Check out our plans for more info!

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